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Thank you for visiting my Portraits of Jesus website. I wish you a warm welcome!

My name is Suzy Oliveira, the photographer behind all of the Portraits of Jesus images. In addition to being a professional photographer, I'm a wife, mother to five children, and an accounting and finance nerd. (I graduated with a finance degree from the Marriott School of Business Management at Brigham Young University. You can see my other work here: Suzy O Photography. I have photographed many subjects over the years...food, weddings, newborns, and more!) As my photography journey has grown and evolved, I have gravitated toward music videos and theatrical projects. (I currently work as the publicity and live-production photographer for Hale Center Theater Orem, a job that I love dearly.) 

The images found on this website were created for some special music videos that I created with my oldest daughter, Reese. Since Reese was a young child, we knew that she liked to sing. When she was nine years old she became a member of One Voice Children's Choir. Her first project with the choir was their music video, "Glorious." 

Reese had so much fun being in the choir's music video, that she asked if she could make her own videos. So, combining my photography knowledge with her vocal ability, we started a new journey together creating both uplifting Christian music videos (hosted here: 

Suzy Oliveira YouTube Channel) and some fun pop-style videos (hosted here: Reese Oliveira YouTube channel). I should warn you that a few of her earlier videos aren't the best of quality...but hopefully the sound recording quality and message of the song can pierce through my fumbling of learning how to convert my photography knowledge into video.) ;-)

Our first project that involved photography with depictions of Christ was her Christmas music video, "When Love Came Down." We created these Nativity images in November 2014. In the spring of 2015, we completed another project, "Gethsemane" (written by Roger and Melanie Hoffman) that included images of Jesus Christ with children, his disciples, and Christ praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. The following spring (Easter 2016) we produced, "I Know That My Savior Loves Me" (written by Tami Creamer) that features Christ with special needs children. 

While the initial intention of these images were solely for the use of Reese's music videos, I've been asked repeatedly if these images are available in print. I'm pleased to bring you this Portraits of Jesus website. Hopefully these images will bring you comfort, calmness, and a hope that everything will be okay. There have been many times in my life where I've felt lost, confused, and very scared. It is when I hear the voice of my daughter singing about the Savior on these music videos that I get that tiny window of peace. Hopefully these images can also convey that peace to your heart, too.


Suzy Oliveira


Suzy Oliveira + Family

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  • View More: http://tiffanyburke.pass.us/suzy-oliviera
  • View More: http://tiffanyburke.pass.us/suzy-oliviera

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As seen in Reese Oliveira's music videos on YouTube

When Love Came Down


I Feel My Savior's Love

I Know That My Savior Loves Me

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